Chen Yan about working at Heras

“I am Chen Yan and as you can tell I am not Dutch. I was born in China and came to The Netherlands 9 years ago. I joined Heras in January 2017 as a market intelligence manager and have since switched my function to commercial excellence manager.

Heras has developed into a different company since I first joined; we are moving away from being a traditional fencing company to becoming a perimeter protection brand supplier. This will become our core business and we are pushing hard to make this change. I am really passionate to achieve this and am working intensively with different people from different countries to achieve this mutual goal.”

What are your daily tasks?

“As a commercial excellence manager I work to support the country managers and their sales teams. My daily task is basically to dig into lots of data, understand the customers, understand the market, and understand how our products perform. Ultimately I need to translate this data into information and business strategies.

We can then use these business strategies to adapt our tactics to ensure that we always support our customers as efficiently as possible. Ultimately we want to create the most profitable portfolio whilst simultaneously giving optimal support to our customers.”

What do you love about working at Heras?

“Heras is a very strong Dutch brand, and has a large and respected international footprint. It is perceived as a premium brand fencing supplier, however we are trying to change our perspective from being just a fencing supplier to becoming a perimeter protection specialist brand. We currently work with a number of customers who are in need of high and medium security and this is the direction we want to take.

What I like about working at Heras is, that even though we have challenges, people passionately work together to achieve the same goal. We all want to make things better. Eventually these improvements take shape and that’s the thing I like and why I want to work here.”

What is your favorite part about working at Heras?

“My favorite part about working at Heras is the people. I think the working climate at Heras is very open, the people are really nice, we have a very international group, and we have lots of fun together while working hard at the same time.

I feel a responsibility to everyone, not only the people in the office but also to those on the shop floor. I hope through my job everyone can have a better life.”

Does Heras allow much room for growth?

“As a young and ambitious person, I strongly believe that Heras provides me with plenty of space and opportunity to grow. We work in a quickly changing environment and we need to be agile and have an entrepreneurial mentality.

In my opinion Heras is a great place to work and I am looking forward to further developing myself and my career here.”

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