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Martijn Loijen: ‘Creating pride and a positive experience with our suppliers’


It’s better to have 10 long-lasting relationships with suppliers than 100 once-only contracts. Strategic procurement officer Martijn Loijen knows exactly what he wants for Heras and why. ‘I wholeheartedly believe in working in partnership and see procurement as a process of managing relationships. I also want suppliers to be far more involved in the development of our product. Why? So we can create the best conditions, alongside a sense of pride and a positive experience.’

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Erwin Albers: ‘If you’re willing to put in the work, you’ll be given every opportunity’


With his fierce drive and ambition, Erwin Albers, a project manager for Heras Special Projects (HSP), was promoted from technician to his current project management position in record time. ‘Heras has given me the opportunity to develop within the organisation, and I’ve decided to go for it 100%.’

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